Victoria Ross


I was born and raised in Antioch, Tennessee where my grandmother put me to work in our backyard garden. Covered in mosquito bites at the resilient age of five, I pulled dandelions and other weeds to make room for spinach, tomatoes, summer squash, and sugar snap peas. My family didn’t live near a supermarket and with two working parents, there wasn’t a lot of time to make it out to the closest one. Thanks to my grandma’s garden, we had access to healthy food.


Joenel Alcantara

Biotech Expert

Joenel joined the Energy Bioengineering Group as the Project Coordinator for the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Team. One of his research interests is to express pharmaceutical targets in plants and algae. He has extensive experience in plant and algal biotechnology.


Houston Peschl

Lead Advisor

F10 years of executive experience as a sustainability leader in operations and business development with innovative organizations that drive genuine wealth for the community, the environment and the shareholders. Approach each business opportunity with an energetic and creative approach to restructure organizations to create value driven cultural change driving shareholder return. A proven ability to lead and motivate teams with the goal of embedding sustainability into a culture that results in all stakeholders benefiting. Business can solve the world’s problems.